What we offer - The Coaching Practice
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What we offer

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Our coaches work with your leaders in one-on-one sessions. Each engagement is bespoke, and sessions are tailored to address the individual development needs of the participant as they are explored. Coaching assists the coachee in developing insight into their own thinking and behaviour, identifying blockages to performance, taking new and broader perspectives and building new more effective ways of working.

Coaching Success

Group and Team coaching

Team coaching provides deep insights into the team dynamics to improve how they work together, their collective performance, and how they effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.

As well as team dynamics and communication, we focus on three capabilities:

  • Performance making improvements in how the team functions now
  • Capability ensuring the team will continue to perform in the future
  • Capacity identifying and increasing what is achievable within resource constraints


Facilitation focuses on bringing a group to a clear specific outcome.  This focus can be around:

  • A learning goal where the group develops specific skills around a topic such as agility, strategic thinking or scenario planning through a mixture of education and exercises where they practice and develop new skills in a safe-to-try environment.
  • An output goal where the facilitator helps the group explore issues and context and then they develop a clear agreed way forward such as a strategic plan, or a decision on IT, market or other strategy.
Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision provides a learning environment for a practicing coach to reflect on their interactions with their clients and the entire system in which the work is being undertaken, to provide development for the coach and improved service and outcomes for their clients. The focus is to develop the coach’s competence, capability and capacity to become a reflective practitioner.


We can work with you to determine the best methodology for analysing, cultural, developmental, HR and structural issues. We can report and recommend solutions and then design interventions and where appropriate support programs and change initiatives to lift skills, motivation and performance.