About The Coaching Practice - The Coaching Practice
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About The Coaching Practice

The Coaching Practice Team

Who we are


We believe, many organisations need support to develop their leaders and lift their capability to rise to the challenges of increasingly rapid changes in technology, social trends and markets. They need leaders who can identify trends, take multiple perspectives, decisively set strategy and flexibly recognise when it needs to change. They also need leadership to engage and motivate staff – a leader without followers isn’t leading.


We help build new skills and more importantly, new thinking styles and we are good at it. As well as being experienced coaches, and having significant business experience, our point of difference is that all our team are psychologists and/or hold higher degree qualifications in coaching, the social sciences or management.

All our coaches:


  • Have attained master’s degrees or higher qualifications in coaching, psychology or social science/management and many are psychologists as well as coaches.
  • Undertake ongoing development
  • Undertake individual and/or peer supervision
  • Have deep experience working in, or consulting to, large complex organisations
Our Coaches

Our History


The Coaching Practice – TCP first started as Sprague Consulting in 2014. Tim Sprague is the Director. We have grown to a coaching practice operating in over a dozen industries.


Our coaching philosophy

We rely on evidence-based coaching practices to help build: agility, self-insight, resilience, and the ability to take new perspectives. We help individuals and groups identify blockages in their thinking, find more effective ways to communicate, creatively resolve conflict and perform.


We continually refine our skills

Coaching is an emerging discipline that requires, expertise, continual reflection and ongoing professional development. We use evidence-based research and experience to continually hone our skills, evolve and improve the practice of leadership coaching to ensure we are providing the most effective techniques and interventions to help build leadership capability.


Our aim

Our aim is to build capacity and confidence so that leaders can broaden their perspectives and build their own effective ways of behaving in a lasting sustainable way beyond coaching.