How we work with you - The Coaching Practice
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How we work with you

How we work with you:

Typical Coaching Phases:


1. Define the need. We will partner with you to explore your requirements and define the outcomes you seek.


2. Build the solution. We explore options with you to determine if individual coaching, group coaching or some combination of coaching and other interventions best meets your needs.  If we think coaching isn’t the best way to meet your organisational and development goals – we’ll tell you.


3. Determine what data we need – We will discuss with you what performance and culture data you already have and if appropriate to the assignment, we may recommend:

  • a self-rating tool, for example the Hogan, MTQ, Strengths Profiler or Wave,
  • a 360 degree feedback tool for example The Leadership Circle or Hogan 360, or
  • that we work with you to develop a bespoke interview or assessment process
Small Coaching Group
Business Coaching Session

4. Identify a coach – We will propose a coach or coaches who best meet your needs


5. Chemistry check – The coach and coachee meet and see if their approaches fit. If the coachee has a concern, we will set up other chemistry meetings with additional coaches until we achieve a good fit of styles, needs and approaches.


6. Confirm the brief – We set up an initial 3-way meeting with the participant’s line manager to confirm the goals for coaching


7. Conduct the coaching sessions – These are aimed at the individual coachee’s learning needs and will be spread out to allow sufficient time for the coachee to practice “behavioural homework” – trying new behaviours in the workplace and then reflecting on them in subsequent coaching sessions.


8. Wrap up and embedding behaviours – We will set up a book-end 3-way meeting with the line manager to discuss insights and the coachee’s progress against developmental goals, and to confirm actions to ensure new behaviours are reinforced and incorporated back into the workplace.